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#CocktailoftheWeekend & a Sandwich . . .

🥃 I had the honor, privilege, and pleasure of spending the weekend testing drinks recipes that will be served at a wedding later this year.

This possible wedding drink was a winner but it turned out they all were! We loved everything we tested which made for a really fun testing party!

🍸 My idea of heaven! There were lots of possible choices of what to serve and the choices were whittled down over the last few months to a few contenders that we spent the weekend leisurely tasting and dissecting until we all agreed; Bride, Groom, Parents and I.

🥂 Success!

Happily, we all agreed on the drinks that I will be serving to the guests on the upcoming big day.






And the wedding is still months away!

🍻 The next phase of this fun is to gather the appropriate glassware in enough quantities to serve everyone and make any necessary homemade ingredients and tend the garden so there will be enough edible flowers to garnish and fruit to juice this Fall. Since Fall is “Second Spring” around here, chances are great that we will have an over abundance of everything we will need which absolutely informed our plans and ultimate choices.

🥪 All that testing of drinks required sustenance for me. While they were off testing foods and desserts without me, they filled up on bites of the other things they might serve at their nuptials and came to our drinks tastings full, but I needed food to be able to test – drink – so many options, so, I made myself my favorite hangover food AHEAD of the need and it worked!

🥓🧀🥑🍅🥬🍳 I like to make myself a mashup sandwich version of all my favorite sandwiches in one – grilled cheese, avocado toast, blt, fried egg sandwich, etc. What my dad called a “Dagwood” after the sandwiches in the comic strip of his childhood, ‘Blondie & Dagwood’. Sandwiches so tall no one could fit one in their mouth. My Dagwood is big but I can eat it with my mouth if need be. My sandwich was perfect if I do say so myself and did the trick. In order to use my homegrown cherry tomatoes in the sandwich without them falling out, I plastered them into the mashed avocado that I spread on the melted cheddar cheese on both pieces of cheese toast. I filled the center with lettuce, basil leaves and bacon and topped the whole thing with an over-easy fried fresh egg.

🥳 I ate the whole thing with gusto (& with a fork because it was really too big to eat otherwise…) and it was glorious, filling and satisfying. Perfect foil to a weekend of wedding drinks testing!

My Dagwood Sandwich! Perfect hangover food!

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