Part 2 – my Vintage Outfit in the Hollywood Photo Shoot

Yesterday I told the back story of one of my outfits that I wore to a Hollywood photo shoot and today I’m showing some of the photos from that day.

But first things first! Big props go to

Cori Dyer of The King’s Network

and Emilee Dyer of Pinky Approval

My coaches, and the organizers and photographers of this Hollywood photo shoot, who got me into all of this. If you can get in with their marketing and management company you will not regret it! They are the real movers and shakers in social media. Talk about ‘influencers’! I highly recommend them if you want to build your following with real followers and monetize your blog wisely in a changing marketplace.

Last year around Mother’s Day, while I was in Chicago celebrating my birthday and visiting with my friend Karon and her Aunt and family, I received a text from Cori, my long time friend, wondering about my Instagram, specifically if I had ever thought of doing social media professionally. She liked my posts and perspective and thought I could build it into something more than just a few photos of my cat that I posted sporadically for my own pleasure to a couple hundred followers. It never occurred to me to “do” anything with my Instagram or with my blog. What a fantastic idea! But “could I?” I told her we’d talk when I got back from Chicago and I used the rest of that trip to discuss with my friend Karon the idea. Cori and I did talk afterward and our partnership was born. That brings us to this photo shoot day, which was less than a year later and now I have more than 20k IG followers. What a ride!

That’s Speaker, Author, Doctor, Actor and Comedian, Reef Karim, check out his Instagram @reefkarim, that I’m strolling Hollywood with!  
It was an unseasonably warm January day in Hollywood and I wore wool! 


Karen England -water girl.
This is funny to me because just the day before this photo was taken I demonstrated making Citrus Infused Water on the Good Day Orange County TV show’s Cooking Segment. I’m saying here, to random people walking through The Dream, Hollywood Hotel lobby where this photo shoot took place, “I had nothing to do with the making of this water – I just played making some on TV”. To see me make infused water go here.


2 thoughts on “Part 2 – my Vintage Outfit in the Hollywood Photo Shoot

  1. KAREN!! You exude confidence, beauty and class!!! I was wowed by everyone one of these pictures. You nailed each shot in vintage style!!!! #beautiful #timelessfashion #vintagestyle #hollywoodshoot #influencer #influencers

    1. I can’t thank you enough for your faith in me and vision for me. You are gift from God in my life!

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