Turn your Black Friday NordGREEN!

Black Friday goes NordGreen with our exclusive Edgehill Herb Farm special 35% discount code. One week only!

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Nordgreen Watch Week – Time for Persimmons

Discount code: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15 Deeplink: http://bit.ly/2BfOo57 It may be persimmon time here at Edgehill Herb Farm but it is also the time to save! The savings continue beyond the Nordgreen Watch Week fun we recently had around here and I can help you save money! Use my exclusive discount code and the link above to order…

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Nordgreen Watch Week – Dover The Collie Edition

I shamelessly use my pets to build my social media influence and promote stuff. And this is some of my best work . . . Nordgreen Watch Week – The Dover Edition.

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#Nordgreen Watch Week, Sunday GoFundMernie Update.

Bottom line, Mom is doing great! Read more for details! Thank you for all the love!

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Nordgreen Watch Week – The Pomegranate edition

I made an IGTV video about Nordgreen watches and pomegranates and if you wonder what on earth they have in common then follow the link in the blog to see the video!

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Nordgreen Watch Week at Edgehill Herb Farm – Reason no. 1, Why Nordgreen?

Give a #nordgreen watch to some you love this year and do some good with your purchase with Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program – you choose from their three options which cause you want your purchase to support.

And, in addition, I #edgehillherbfarm am using 100% of my earnings from this collaboration to support my mother’s long-term care fund that I call #gofundmernie.

Discount code: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15 Link: http://bit.ly/2BfOo57

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