The “Herbs Make The Difference” Podcast Is Here!

Edgehill Herb Farm’s Herbs Make The Difference Podcast Is Here! Herbs Make The Difference -The Rose Is An Herb -Segment 1 -Permaculture Plant Guilds Hosted by Karen England. SEGMENT ONE: Guest Mary ‘Klibs’ Dralle – The Rose Is An Herb – Permaculture Plant Guilds Mary ‘Klibs’ Dralle is a Certified Permaculture Designer, owner and operator ofContinue reading “The “Herbs Make The Difference” Podcast Is Here!”

A Bowl Of Lilacs . . .

I love lilacs but can’t grow them in Vista, CA. So, in the spring, I head to Acton, CA to get fresh cut lilac bunches at the Kilcoyne Lilac Farm with my friend Karon.

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