Nov. 30th is the 365th consecutive #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty

IMG_1935Wow – the #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty is turning one year old! So, we here at are going to celebrate with prizes! The “we” here that I’m referring to are;

  • myself, Karen,
  • my cat, Whiskey,
  • my dogs, Dover and Devon,
  • my bunnies, Flip and Flop
  • and my hens, Lucy, Jane and Louisa.

Read on all the way through to the end of this post to learn how to enter and what seriously inexpensive stuff (that you can’t possibly live without) that you might win in our celebration contest – but first an explanation . . .

On November 30th, I will have posted a photo of my cat, Whiskey, on Instagram every day for an entire year. That’s 365 days in a row. I never intended to do this actually everyday for a year but gosh, darn it, I have!


When this exercise started almost year ago it was to appease my family who, unbeknownst to me, worried about me if I didn’t post something on Facebook every day. If I was doing well, and as a fairly recent widow, I was rarely doing well, but if I was faring well, I would go about my life and my day and not post anything on social media unless there was something worthy of posting, thinking this was me being “healthy”. I was unaware that my beloved family and friends were carefully watching and reading my posts from afar to gage how I was doing. If I didn’t post something for a while they panicked and thought I was in trouble. I probably was, but that’s beside the point in this instance. I figured out this was happening after finally asking people why they were all of a sudden worried and checking up on me in droves. Once I caught on, a little over a year ago! I thought, “I know, [I’ll fix their wagon! Not my finest hour.] I’ll post a photo of my cat everyday on Instagram and share it to Twitter and Facebook, and even if I’m not doing well, my family will be happy.”

The 365th IG #dsowk post today was actually a throwback to the very 1st post & since it fell on a Thursday – perfect #tbt!

And so was born the #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty

My 4 month old rescue kitten settling in to her new home.

Who knew such a small thing, done for crazy reasons, could in such a short amount of time change my life so much for the better? Not me! I just thought it was a kindness to wonderful, lovely people who needed to go worry about other things besides me for a while.

Whiskey was named ‘Monica’ at the rescue when I picked her out of a room chockfull of adorable kittens. I had gone to the rescue to get a kitten and went in the door thinking I’d name whatever cat that I picked out ‘Kirby’ (long story for another day). Well, Whiskey did not look like a Monica or a Kirby and, so, I named her Whiskey. True Story. Shortened.

And, what a difference a year can make. A year ago I had less 200 friends on Twitter, less than 400 followers on Instagram and barely 1000 friends on Facebook. I was trying to find work that would allow me to care for my aging mother who lived at home with me at the time (she now lives in a nursing home.) Not an easy feat for an aging single gal like myself re-entering, after 25 years away from traditional employment, a modern work force. At the time I posted on social media inconsistently and haphazardly at best just for personal pleasure. But one year ago I decided to post daily with intention and to share more than just my grieving out loud story but to also share the whole of my story; my green garden story, my flavorful kitchen story, my fragrant mixology story, my furry animals story, my big dreams story, my fun memories story, my sweet love story, my cosy home story, my only child/big family story and more . . .

The (first) year of the #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty has shown me that I can be disciplined about posting, writing and working from home. That I can take good photos and tell engaging stories with them. That folks really like my work. It has made me hundreds of new friends and turned my kitty into a little cat star. It has shown my family that I am getting better and I am doing better. For real. In fact, now, if I don’t post a photo of my cat early enough in the morning my family and friends squawk and worry . . .  so, I’ve learned they will worry about me no matter what I do to alleviate their concerns and frankly I love them for it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

NOW! To celebrate all my unexpected achievements of the past year; 365 consecutive cat posts, over 300 twitter followers, over 1,700 Facebook friends and 14,000 Instagram followers – I’m having a contest!

→ To get your name in the hopper in order to be eligible to win something, all you have to do is sign up for my email seasonal newsletter in the Christmas Green banner at the top of my blog ↑. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are, if you get snail mail, then you can enter.


Later on, after you have or haven’t won any of the stuff I’ve gotten as the prizes, you can unsubscribe if you don’t like my new and I mean NEW newsletter – I currently have all of 3 subscribers, it is that brand spanking new (and I think one of the subscribers is my Mom so an argument can be made that I currently have only two real subscribers). Every Edgehill Herb Farm Newsletter subscriber, including my current three, come December 15th, 2017 will be automatically entered to win one of the following:

  • A Men’s Large, very inexpensive (read scratchy) Xmas Cats Union Suit from Walmart. (I do not work for Walmart in case you are wondering, I just bought the Long Johns from them. That’s why I could afford them! Also, it is a new suit, but as you can see, it was modeled by my dog, Devon, – so I’d wash it first before wearing or re-gifting, especially if you’re allergic to fur!)
Devon modeling the Christmas Cat Long Johns Prize on the ever popular porch bed.


Poor Devon! So, remember all those family members that worry about me that I told you about? The ones who kinda-sorta inspired this whole thing? Here’s one! That’s my cousin Jana helping photograph the prizes for this contest on the pets!
  • A Men’s Large cheap ‘Meowy Christmas’ Tee shirt from Walmart. (Again, I do not work for Walmart. I bought the shirt. That’s why I know it’s cheap. Also, the Tee is new, but as you can see, it was modeled by my dog, Dover – so I’d wash it first before wearing or re-gifting, especially if you’re allergic to fur!)



  • An Women’s Large inexpensive LIGHT-UP Meowy Christmas Sweater. (Also new from Walmart, that place I don’t work. My cat has rolled on it, so here’s another pet dander alert! And we can’t resist turning on the lights whenever we are near the sweater so you may need to replace the battery.)
Despite the way Whiskey looks here, she hasn’t been drinking! She’s just named Whiskey…


  • I had one Artifact Uprising book made, it’s one-of-a-kind, I only made this one, and I’m giving it away! The book is the best 101 of the 365 edgehillherbfarm Instagram #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty photo posts. This is the only expensive prize in the bunch. And, although I wish I worked for Artifact Uprising, I do not. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful service and I recommend you check them out to make mementos of your photos.


This is the only prize of any monetary value. This is the cover of the Artifact Uprising soft cover book I had made of the best 101 #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty Edgehillherbfarm Instagram photos from the first 365.



  • And finally, I got a sweet pair of handmade (not by me) cat earrings similar but not exactly the same as the kitty earrings I own. These are new and inexpensive but not cheap, unlike the sweater…
By entering your email address in the Christmas green colored banner strewn across the top of this edgehillherbfarm blog, you will be subscribing to my seasonal new-newsletter AND you will be automatically entered to possibly win one of these five silly fun prizes! If you win and don’t want your prize (which is totally possible) we will give it, on your behalf of course, to someone who does!

That’s all for now!

Thanks for everything everyone! We here at Edgehill Herb Farm are looking forward to what the next 365 days will bring and sharing it with all of you.

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    1. That’s much harder for me to do than with the cat, they are much more difficult for me to photograph and to get 365 pics would really take work. I have thought about it though . . .

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