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More Tee Shirt Crafts Utilizing My Husband’s Vast Tee Shirt Stash

My husband in a favorite tee shirt enjoying his first visit to Kitty Hawk in 2008. One of the many tees I inherited after he passed away.

I love how the fringed bag I made from a tee shirt looks hanging on the back of a dining chair. Whiskey Kitty seems to approve! #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty

👕 Recently I attended a class at the eco-friendly Sonora Refillery Store in Oceanside, California, owned and operated by the wonderful Marissa, where I learned to make a no-sew reusable shopping bag from an old tee shirt.

Karen with her newly made bag full of zero waste purchases and Marissa at Sonora Refillery, Oceanside, CA

✂️ The class was taught by zero waste activist, Callee, the owner of Bestowed Essentials – Rapid City, South Dakota’s first zero waste store, and of the Hippie Haven Podcast where she interviews other sustainability experts on how to live an ethical & eco-friendly lifestyle.

🛍 This class was great fun for me, I met lots of nice people and it gave me another wonderful thing to do with some of my late hubby’s tee shirt hoard that I inherited when he passed away in 2014.

🏵 You may recall the little rug I made with some of them. If you don’t recall this story you can read about it here and here.

My little tee shirt rug handmade by me from my late husband’s tee shirts is my bedside rug.

🤷‍♀️ The crazy thing is, in the five years since my hubby died, I still have quite a few of his shirts in the stash, even after giving some away, donating some to charity and using them for rags, making handmade rugs, wearing them as makeshift pajamas, also using for car seat covers, big doggie attire, and now reusable shopping bags.

The tee shirt hoard in still in his closet. It used to be neater before Whiskey Kitty started launching them off the shelf. #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty

My rescue collie dog Devon has medical issues. When his skin needs ointment I dress him in old tee shirts to keep his sores clean and he loves wearing them. #devontheothercollie

My handsome husband wearing one of the many shirts that ended up in the pile of tee shirts I inherited from him after his death.

My little green Fiat wearing two green tee shirt seat covers from the shirt stash.

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