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Fragrant Snail Vine – an August Bloomer


Vigna caracalla ‘Thomas Jefferson’

Over on my Facebook page, @karenenglandsshop on this day, last year, I told the story of my Fragrant Snail Vine and today on Instagram @edgehillherbfarm I posted a current photo of it again.

Are you growing this vine? Is yours slightly fragrant or highly fragrant? According to Monrovia.com there are fragrance differences in this vine’s varieties. I choose to think mine is the very fragrant kind but since I have nothing to compare it to, I really don’t know. For all I know, the others might be more fragrant. Which would be glorious. Just saying.

Nonetheless- I decree today Local Blooming Snail Vine Day.

Happy Blooming Snail Vine Day to you!

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