Remember my tee shirt rug project?

Two years ago I wrote a post that you can read here. that I am about to update for you now . . .

. . . Remember my tee shirt braided rug project? I was hand making a braided rug out of my late husband’s tee shirts and the project was going along great in late September of 2016, until, that is, I broke my right arm. I’m right handed, and all rug making came to a screeching halt, along with most everything else, when I broke my arm. While I eventually recovered from the arm break and returned to my life as usual, I never returned to the rug. The rug with the tee shirt materials sat unfinished in a basket in my living room ever since, gathering lots of dust and making me quite sad. It was bothering me to have yet another unfinished project, especially this one, so, I knotted off the ends of the tee shirt strings exactly where I had left off on the rug the day I broke my arm and today I decided that the rug was done. Finished. Complete.

I’m over being sad, so I washed the tee shirts I was using to make the rug (and rolled them up in case I change my mind and want to still make a fringe around the rug later) and stashed them back with the other shirts that I (still) have yet to deal with. I also washed the rug itself, and was pleasantly surprised by how well it fared going through the washing and drying machinecycles. It is not perfect, far from it, but I kind of like its little wonky shape.


moment of truth,

I put it on the floor by my side of the bed. And lo and behold! I am no longer sad! Okay – as sad. Big win in my world.