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Remember my tee shirt rug project?

Two years ago I wrote a post that you can read here. https://edgehillherbfarm.blog/2016/09/16/two-years/ that I am about to update for you now . . .

. . . Remember my tee shirt braided rug project? I was hand making a braided rug out of my late husband’s tee shirts and the project was going along great in late September of 2016, until, that is, I broke my right arm. I’m right handed, and all rug making came to a screeching halt, along with most everything else, when I broke my arm. While I eventually recovered from the arm break and returned to my life as usual, I never returned to the rug. The rug with the tee shirt materials sat unfinished in a basket in my living room ever since, gathering lots of dust and making me quite sad. It was bothering me to have yet another unfinished project, especially this one, so, I knotted off the ends of the tee shirt strings exactly where I had left off on the rug the day I broke my arm and today I decided that the rug was done. Finished. Complete.

I’m over being sad, so I washed the tee shirts I was using to make the rug (and rolled them up in case I change my mind and want to still make a fringe around the rug later) and stashed them back with the other shirts that I (still) have yet to deal with. I also washed the rug itself, and was pleasantly surprised by how well it fared going through the washing and drying machinecycles. It is not perfect, far from it, but I kind of like its little wonky shape.


moment of truth,

I put it on the floor by my side of the bed. And lo and behold! I am no longer sad! Okay – as sad. Big win in my world.


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      Appropriate work clothes are so important on some dangerous jobs and can be quite expensive in order to be safe. It can be an important tool in their tool box. I’m glad you donated his things! It’s helping working folks keep working and providing for their families. It is no small thing you did!

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