Stating the Obvious: Public Melt-Downs are Embarrassing.

Widowhood is not for the faint of heart. It’s a grueling battle to be appropriate, especially in business dealings, when tears are inappropriate. I’ve come a long way but still have a fair bit to go. Self-expectations of being farther along the grief journey or tougher than the tears don’t help fight the battle. So, everyday I just try to do better, be better and I leave it at that. And still carry Kleenex everywhere, just in case.

Remember my tee shirt rug project?

I “finished” the hand braided rug that I was making back in 2016 out of some of my late husband’s tee shirts and I’m not sure which I’m more pleased with, the rug itself or that it’s finally finished. Big win for me either way!

Reluctant Storyteller

If I’m going to have my life story count for something, if what I’ve gone through is going to help someone, then I’ve got to tell my story. Unvarnished. I really want to varnish most of it, and the rest of it I want to avoid altogether. If only I wrote fiction, I could fixContinue reading “Reluctant Storyteller”

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