Ongoing GoFundMe(rnie) Sunday 10/01/17 Update

Your donations so far to the GoFundMe(rnie) have made this possible and we thank God for you and for his goodness in making this time of safety and comfort in my mother’s living situation a reality. Your continued donations are needed to keep this blessing possible.

Did You Know this is a Lifestyle Blog?

Three years ago, a few weeks after my husband’s death in September, we had his memorial service at our/my house on a hot and dry Southern California Fall day in early October. So many of our/my dear friends and family took care of everything, (and I mean everything!) in organizing, preparing and pulling off the enormous job of a memorial service at home. It was a massive undertaking and they all, to a person, did a magnificent job.

What Grief Has Taught

“We were married 25 years, my husband and I, and I’ve been a widow for three years now. Both things, marriage and widowhood, have taught me so much about life, about myself, about others, about God – as it should and, whether I want to learn it all or not. I’m sharing these things 1) because it helps me and 2) maybe it will help someone else.”