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#Nordgreen Watch Week, Sunday GoFundMernie Update.

Here is my mom, last week, with one of her many staunch supporters, Karon, hugging goodbye until they see each other again in two weeks. 

Friends that are family!

Karon has come from her home in Orange County to help us in San Diego County regularly since my father took sick seven years ago! Her dedication and generosity are unparalleled and she accomplished this while working more than full time for the City of San Dimas, CA, which is in LA County. She gets around, that one! 

Karon is retiring soon from her 32 years of service with the city and I was able to get her a retirement present, seen in this hug photo, a beautiful Rose Gold Watch made by a Danish company called Nordgreen who agreed to collaborate with me to promote their beautiful, affordable watches. 

Why am I telling you this in an update about my mother’s long term care fund? Because I want you to know that all my earnings from the Edgehill Herb Farm / #Nordgreen collaboration goes toward my mother’s care!

So – you can donate to her GoFundMe (that we lovingly call GoFundMernie!) and receive our lifelong gratitude and love for each & every donation. GoFundMernie

(And/)Or – you can buy a Nordgreen watch for yourself and/or for someone you love, and, because you know that all my proceeds will go into this fund you will be supporting us both with every purchase. 15% discount code: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15 Nordgreen Edgehill Herb Farm Shopping Link: http://bit.ly/2BfOo57

FYI – You can do both! No one will stop you.

We are so grateful to God and to all of you for the sustained, active, ongoing financial support we have received during my mother’s illness. She is stronger in many ways than she was a few months ago, which is fantastic, but her overall situation is unchanged. She is bedridden and house bound. She is in no pain and in great spirits! She is a total joy to be around. (Well, for everyone but the cat – just keeping it real.) 

Because she cannot be alone and it is just the two of us here, we are hiring caregivers from a professional company called Home Instead to come be with her when I have to work or leave home. The majority of her current care costs are the caregiving. I am trying once again (we tried two years ago unsuccessfully) to sign her up for Medi-Cal to get County funds that go toward her in-home care but it looks like the same issues as before will be at play this time and she will not qualify once again because she lives with me, and even though she has no assets or resources, I do. We are following the procedure outlined by the medical social worker assigned to our case and will continue to try in the event she does qualify somehow. 

Please pray that she is approved for Medi-Cal, because if so, it will lessen greatly the need for this GoFundMernie. 

Thank you for everything! For your donations, your purchases, your visits, your prayers, your love.

God bless you, 
Karen England 
And Marilyn “Mernie” Richter

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