Wine tale . . . It’s wine week here at Edgehill Herb Farm and I thought you’d like to hear some of my wine stories –

Wine week continues here at Edgehill Herb Farm. I’m am fondly strolling down wine memory lane after the arrival and with the unboxing of the shipment of Winc Wines and sharing a few on the blog this week. If you want to “wine along” with me this week, I have a promo code: edgehill22 to give you! 4 bottles for $40 w/complimentary shipping.

GoFundMernie continues . . .

An update to my mother’s GoFundMe has been posted The bottom line of the update that you can read on her GoFundMe using the link above (or in my Instagram Stories) is that we thank God and all of you for our blessings. And her needs continue. Cheers and God bless you, Karen

Part 2 – my Vintage Outfit in the Hollywood Photo Shoot

Yesterday I told the back story of one of my outfits that I wore to a Hollywood photo shoot and today I’m showing some of the photos from that day. But first things first! Big props go to Cori Dyer of The King’s Network and Emilee Dyer of Pinky Approval My coaches, and […]