#cocktailoftheweekend Mint Julep two ways.

Have you heard? I, Karen England of Edgehill Herb Farm, have an online store! https://edgehillherbfarm.ecwid.com In honor of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend & to toast my store opening I made Mint Juleps two ways. My store only has one product. So far. So serving Mint Juleps two ways and blogging about it makes up for the lack of products 😂 Stay tuned! More products on the way! Did you have mint juleps this past weekend too? I hope so. Read on for my recipe and to learn more about my store.

Exciting things are happening for me

Merry Christmas! Exciting things are happening for me. I am edging (see what I did there? Edging – Edgehill) ever closer to launching my own product line of herbal bitters, liqueurs and ready to pour cocktails and the future is bright! #cocktailoftheweekend

Wine tale . . . It’s wine week here at Edgehill Herb Farm and I thought you’d like to hear some of my wine stories –

Wine week continues here at Edgehill Herb Farm. I’m am fondly strolling down wine memory lane after the arrival and with the unboxing of the shipment of Winc Wines and sharing a few on the blog this week. If you want to “wine along” with me this week, I have a promo code: edgehill22 to give you! 4 bottles for $40 w/complimentary shipping.