PART 1 – RAISING A GLASS: To Neighbors . . .

Feeling emboldened by the fact that the quarantine has given readers more time to read, I am not holding back in the word count department (or the run-on sentence department), & here’s Part 1 of several “RAISING A GLASS” posts to fill your quaran-time. This one is “To Neighbors”. My neighbors . . . If you are a bluegrass music fan, then you might even know of my neighbors, even have them playing on your turntable as you read this . . . Read on.

Nordgreen Watch Week – Time for Persimmons

Discount code: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15 Deeplink: It may be persimmon time here at Edgehill Herb Farm but it is also the time to save! The savings continue beyond the Nordgreen Watch Week fun we recently had around here and I can help you save money! Use my exclusive discount code and the link above to orderContinue reading “Nordgreen Watch Week – Time for Persimmons”

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