Nordgreen Watch Week – Time for Persimmons

Time to harvest!

It may be persimmon time here at Edgehill Herb Farm but it is also the time to save! The savings continue beyond the Nordgreen Watch Week fun we recently had around here and I can help you save money! Use my exclusive discount code and the link above to order a beautiful, affordable Nordgreen watch or two and skip the stores! This year, give a gift to yourself and to others that gives back. I can’t recommend Nordgreen enough!

Hachiya Persimmons are shaped like acorns and completely mushy when ripe.

Their watches are very well made, beautifully designed, thoughtfully produced. Each watch comes with a lovely “giving back” opportunity that lets you choose which of their three options you want to support with your purchase.

Tell me about your Nordgreen order and you might just get a big bag of Persimmons from me as thanks! (While persimmon supply lasts . . .)

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