Part 1 TV Appearance & Hollywood Photo Shoot Preview

Click the link below to view the Interview portion of my TV Appearance on Good Day Orange County that I’m cleverly calling “Part 1”. Stay tuned later this week for “Part 2” ~ the Cooking Segment.

Part 1 TV Appearance – Karen England’s Good Day Orange County Interview

Only one wall was green in the 'Green Room'
Waiting in the ‘Green Room’ to go on…

Possible subtitle for my TV segment “Herbologist Tells All.”

The day after the TV Interview in Orange County, CA with ‘Good Day Orange County,’ I went to Hollywood, CA for a photo shoot for a Social Media and Blog Influencers campaign that I’m a part of and one of the outfits that I wore was the same as my TV appearance ensemble. My great sweater came from the Sundance Catalog Fall ’17 and it made me feel courageous as I wore it! Not a feature the Sundance Catalog highlighted when it was for sale, but absolutely the reason I wore it to both public events nonetheless.

Here is a preview of my Hollywood Photo Shoot with a campaign of Social Media and Blog Influencers in which I took part the day after my TV Appearance on Good Day Orange County. I think we can all see why I was included in such an auspicious event! Please follow me, @edgehillherbfarm, & @reefkarim, @martindalegroup and @footballsylist on Instagram to see the whole campaign unfold and stay tuned here to see my portion of which this is just a preview!

making Myself to-home in Hollywood
I take photo shoots in Hollywood very seriously.
Do I have to do this?
I take photo shoots very very seriously…

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