Wine tale . . . It’s wine week here at Edgehill Herb Farm and I thought you’d like to hear some of my wine stories –

Do you save wine bottles from special occasions? I do. I may even save one from this week – wine week is that important to me.

My late husband taught me to save wine bottles when he got out a pen after a magical picnic that we had up in the Laguna Mountains above San Diego to celebrate our engagement 29 years ago when he wrote on the label the date and place before giving me the bottle to keep. A bottle I still have.


Just the two of us with a simple picnic and a bottle of wine set the stage for the rest of our dating and married life. We enjoyed simple. A long drive to the mountains in an old truck was our idea of fun. The radio blaring country music for him half the time and classical music for me the rest. Add a simple sandwich made from leftovers and a bottle of wine and we were contented and happy as if we’d been to the Grand Hyatt for the royal treatment. To have the bottle still, with his lovely handwriting, is now even more special since his passing in 2014. We turned that bottle and several others into candlesticks that we used at every festive dinner party over the years making the wine inside, although long ago sipped and enjoyed, still linger on making more happy memories.

Get yourself a pen the next time you have a special bottle, hopefully from your next Winc Wines order if you take advantage of the promo code: edgehill22, and do as my hubby did and write on the label the place and date. Turn it into a candlestick for a useful memento. If you do this, please, I want to see! Post and tag me @edgehillherbfarm on Instagram



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