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Simple Gifts for Wine Week at Edgehill Herb Farm

It’s easy to give a bottle of wine as gift, . . .

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. . . and when I do give a bottle of vino, I like to enhance the gift in this simple way.

I pick fresh herbs (you can use fresh herbs from the grocery store too if you don’t have an herb garden), rosemary is my go-to herb for this simple tip but I’ve been known to do this with, bay, thyme, sage, feverfew, tarragon, lavender and vitex, just to name a few,

and I weave a small wreath to put over the neck of the bottle of wine. If the herb is fresh and tender I don’t even need wire but if the the stems are thick and stiff then I use floral wire, that is, after I soak the herb stems for a bit in some water to soften.

If you want to give a wreath that could be used for cooking, like a “Soup Wreath” which is used for flavoring, well, I think you can guess, soup! In that case, swap out the floral wire for kitchen string and leave long ties to the string for pulling the soup wreath out of the pot once the hot soup is done. I’ve talked about soup wreaths before on the blog but if they are news to you, you can read more from Jim Long, who taught me, here at Mother Earth Living.

The bottle wreaths I make dry well after only a few days and I’ve known folks who keep using their’s by putting it onto other bottles of wine they are enjoying after the bottle I gave them is done. One family puts their’s on their Christmas tree every year!


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