#cocktailoftheweekend Mint Julep two ways.

This #cocktailoftheweekend post could go in several directions because of the aligning of the boozy event stars this past weekend; The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo

Because of the Kentucky Derby and my current lush crop of spearmint, I chose to go that cocktail route and, in its honor, I made Mint Juleps chock full of my beloved “Mint-the-Best” Spearmint.

I also served my prototype Mint Julep Liqueur for taste testing, a product that I’ve been working on for months now.

Some of you may remember from my Social Media that I now have a business partner and we are working hard to start an Edgehill Herb Farm product line of Karen England’s Private Reserve herbal liqueurs, bitters and ready-to-pour cocktails.

I’ve been hard at work developing specific recipes using the special varieties of herbs, fruits and vegetables that I grow; Kaffir Limes & leaves, Pink Lemonade Lemons, Persian Mulberries, Bay Laurel, Twickle Purple Lavender, Scentimental Roses, Miss Jessup Rosemary and more all growing here at my farm.

I personally don’t like mint juleps made with peppermint, but you might, or you might not have ever thought about it. Spearmint is the traditional mint for Mint Juleps but any mint can be used. In both the Mint Liqueur trial and the fresh julep, I showcased my favorite Spearmint, “Mint-the-Best”! That’s its name! And it is! It’s the mint I recommend. I recommend it for tabbouleh too because I don’t like peppermint in that salad either.

There are so many mint varieties to grow and if you are growing more than one kind, then you can start to see which of the varieties that you grow that you like in your various foods and drinks. If you are not growing any or only one kind, here’s a general rule of thumb about what’s available to you at the grocery. Dried peppermint is often available in the spice aisle and in the tea aisle but spearmint is not as common in the dried form. The fresh “mint”, that usually just says “mint”, found in the fresh fruits and veg section of the grocery store is almost always spearmint. How to know for sure? The simplest way to tell the difference is to look at the stems, if the stems are a clear green color like the leaves it’s spearmint & if the stems are a dark blackish green in contrast to the green leaves it’s peppermint.

My mint julep formula is to muddle …

  • – 1 large stem of mint (the best) and
  • – 1 sugar cube
  • … in the bottom of tumbler
  • – pour in the bourbon
  • – top with shaved or cracked ice.
  • – garnish with more mint and serve.
  • So that you understand the formula, for a large, 3 ounce drink muddle together, in the bottom of a tumbler, 3 lush stems of mint & 3 sugar cubes.
  • This time I used Maker’s Mark 46 because I had it but in the past, and just generally, I use Four Roses for this and other cocktails. Because we were trying the Liqueur too I made these drinks 2 ounces.
  • 2 stems mint + 2 sugar cubes + 2 oz. bourbon, iced = mint julep
  • My cat’s name is Whiskey and she really loves mint so over on Instagram, please follow me, edgehillherbfarm , I’m posting a picture of her with mint for a mint julep edition of #thedailyshotofwhiskeykitty (her very popular hashtag) because I’m just too clever for words 😂😹 💁🏼‍♀️👩‍🌾


    The results of the test were:

    The Liqueur was good – but I am making more now, & this batch with changes, – will make it great!

    The julep was divine.

    🙋🏼‍♀️ In other news, did you know I have an online store now? It only has one product currently but I’m also hard at work adding more items. Until I do, you need to know that I am a contributing member to The International Herb Association’s 2019 Herb of the Year Book on Agastaches. I wrote and photographed my article last summer and, without giving anything away, my chapter is all about enjoying Anise Hyssop et al, and herb garden tea parties. I am so pleased and proud of my contribution to the book that I bought a case to sell. I didn’t even have a store in which to sell them! But I do now and the book is my one product offering. So far.

    Link to my store and book:



    Overhead view of my Anise Hyssop Garden Tea Party. This photo did not make it into the book. But all the recipes for what I served here did!


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