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So Excited! I’ve gotten a Job as an Influencer! & I want to do well!

I am so excited!

I can hardly contain myself! I have the jitters and I’m nervous just like on my first day on the job as a Department Manager at Nordstrom back in the eighties. It’s been a while since I’ve started a new job as you can see.

The Sark Method, a company that is “an exclusive unified network, connecting and strengthening influencers and brands by working together simultaneously,” has asked me(!), little old me! to work as an influencer in their genius program.

I want to do well. This is the beginning of something great for me, so, here goes!

If you use the promo code: edgehill22 – this could be at your front gate! (Fine print: Pumpkin and cool gates not included. You’ll have to supply those yourself.)


Use the above link or the promo code: edgehill22 at checkout at Winc Wines to get four bottles of wine for $40- including complimentary shipping and this purchase will also show your support of me! It’s delicious, wonderful wine and you choose what kind you like and want, I like and wanted all reds, and all this week I’ll be telling you about the specific wines that I got from Winc complete with recipes, crafts and ideas for enjoying as well as giving wine this fall and winter.

Here’s a sneak peek at the week of posts that I have in store for you…


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