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Wine Week Wrap-up or I over prepared for wine week & here’s some of the stuff I didn’t use . . .

Although the EdgehillHerbFarm.blog first ever wine week has ended, I am proud to announce that my exclusive Winc Wines promo code: edgehill22 will be available to my blog readers for a year! Just use the code/link provided to get four bottles of delicious wine of your choice for $40.00 with complimentary shipping. Because of this great news I’m going to add a #wineoftheweek hashtag to my regular posts like the #cocktailoftheweekend, etc., and use some of the material that I didn’t get to use yet from wine week along with new wine related recipes, crafts, and hacks throughout the coming year. Now that is something for you (and me) to look forward too!

Last week I wrote about saving special wine bottles, writing the date and place on the label then using them as candle holders for traditional candles but I forgot to mention that there are new high-tech rechargeable “flickering light candle” wine stoppers made by a company called Fred and available at Barnes and Nobel and Amazon. You just charge it in a USB port in-between uses. Can you tell the difference between the real candle and the cork one? (Hee-hee). The cork one is great for a bottle that has wine still in it whereas the real candle is not. In case you were wondering why I have both.



And, did you know there are fun bottle toppers (not stoppers) that you can get? Use them to top a wine, liquor or beer bottle for a festive reusable decoration. Mine is a tiered “cake” that says “Cheers to Another Year” and holds a single birthday candle. I got it at the local Albertson’s Grocery Store a couple of years ago but I just looked and it is available currently on Amazon.


And for those of you wanting to reuse and recycle your wine bottles but not keep them as mementos there are (also available on Amazon) clay bottle watering stakes that you can get. The clay is porous and you put the stake down into the soil of a flower-pot, then fill an empty wine bottle with water, upend it and place it in the clay stake. The water will slowly ooze out through the clay into the pot and keep the plants watered. Refill the wine bottle with water when it is empty and put it back in the spike to keep watering your plants!

And, with that we are out, until next time! – Karen ♥



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