Unwrapping Nordgreen watch retirement gift.
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Welcome to Nordgreen Watch Week at Edgehill Herb Farm!

Nordgreen Watches make the Perfect Gift! Exclusive 15% Discount Code: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15

Many of you may remember when I had “Wine Week” on the blog around this time last year. That was back when I received my first opportunity ever to earn money as a social media influencer. Wine Week, as could have been predicted, I mean, “What’s not to like about wine?” was a big hit! Since then, I’ve grown as an Influencer, primarily as a result of the lessons that the wine week experience taught me and the success I had with that campaign. Not to mention the delicious wine that I received!

For  those  of  you  who  are  just  here  for  the  savings  code  and  the  link  to  shop  Nordgreen  and  not  for  the  stories  –  I  understand! Thank  you  for  the  support and here you go:

Nordgreen 15% Discount Code: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15
Nordgreen link to shop: http://bit.ly/2BfOo57

The rest of you can read on . . .

In the meantime since Wine Week, I have been offered other collaborations. Wonderful companies and groups have reached out to me but they just weren’t a good fit. Literally. Case in point, several Bra Companies wanted to work with me, ME! I declined. I know this is TMI (too much information), but I feel I must elaborate, especially after I tell you why. I don’t wear a bra. I wear undies, yes, but they aren’t “bras”.

photo credit: wikicommons My mother understood really quickly that bras just weren’t for me!

This past year, as I filtered through the many offers I received to collaborate I wanted to work only with companies whose products and /or services I really use or wear or would like to use or wear, so I reached out to several brands that I already use and like but unfortunately I wasn’t a good fit for them – This influencer stuff works both ways – Still, I bided my time (PUN!), and recently I was approached by a wonderful watch company. I only wear watches occasionally but I do wear a watch, so I was very interested. I was even more interested when I learned some great things about the company but wouldn’t you know it? None of their watch faces have numbers, only sundial lines, and I felt if I wanted to be honest in my collaborations this wouldn’t work for me because I won’t wear a watch without numbers. But the watches are so gorgeous! So, for a nanosecond, I actually thought I might change my habit and wear a watch without numbers. Then I thought better of it.

Before declining collaborating though, I decided to ask if I could use the watch as an important gift for my friend who is a watch collector and absolutely loves wearing watches without numbers. I had already been shopping for a gift for her and a watch would be perfect on so many levels since my best friend of almost 40 years is retiring in a few weeks from 32 years of service, employed with the same city, and more than 35 years in the same industry.

Karon De Leon retires soon after 32 years of service w/the city of San Dimas, CA
Karon De Leon with one of her many awards in her field.

A monumental event like this just cries out for a (rose) Gold Watch! Nordgreen of Copenhagen responded that they thought it was the perfect gift as well! And our collaboration was a go.

So, welcome to Nordgreen Watch Week at Edgehill Herb Farm!

Nordgreen Watches make excellent gifts!
The Perfect Retirement Gift!

I will take this week to introduce you to Nordgreen, their watch products, their design and business ethos and tell you how you can support both myself, and therefore my mother’s long term care fund — which is the reason why I am earning money as an influencer, and the charity of your choice from Nordgreen’s three offerings in their ‘Giving Back Program’ that they include with every watch purchased through my link. http://bit.ly/2BfOo57 Your exclusive 15% discount code is: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15 This link and code will be good through the holidays, perfect for optimal gift giving and available beyond just this “Watch Week”.

use the provide link to shop and code to save 15% at Nordgreen.
Nordgreen Watches make excellent retirement gifts if that big smile can be believed! Karon De Leon will retire in a few weeks from working for over 35 years in her industry and 32 years with the same city.
Unwrapping Nordgreen watch retirement gift.
It’s beautiful and perfect!

You can start shopping and saving with Nordgreen Watches right now!

Discount code: EDGEHILLHERBFARM15 & link to buy: http://bit.ly/2BfOo57

Or, you can wait to learn more as Edgehill Herb Farm’s Nordgreen Watch Week continues . . . See you tomorrow!

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