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The Appetizing Way! Make every thing you eat appetizing.

I contend that if you put effort into your meal, even the most humble snack, you will eat like royalty!

I had a feast out in my garden of simple ingredients elevated to almost art with a minimum of extra effort. It’s The Appetizing Way.

I hope you don’t settle for unappetizing meals because you think “appetizing” is for special events and not for everyday. Or it’s for others, for guests, and not just for you. Or just for certain places, but not your kitchen or garden. It’s for everyone and every meal if you take the time to care.

I have a garden but if you don’t, use what you have in the fridge and larder.

“You eat with your eyes first!” -Chinese adage

I picked fresh herbs; dill & fennel, some kumquats and baby radishes, added a steamed a fresh egg from my hens, and used leftover salmon candy from the night before (Salmon candy is bits & pieces of bigger whole pieces of glazed smoked salmon that are sold as “candy” by entrepreneurial fishmongers because “cast off bits and pieces of salmon” doesn’t sound half as appealing.) served in little gem lettuce boats. I added a piece of Norwegian flat bread with a pat of cream cheese and ate like a Queen.

If you are inspired to do this as well . . .

maybe you always do this, or maybe you are doing this for the first time,

. . . I’d like to hear and see how you are adding the “appetizing way” of eating into your your meals and life! Please share!

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