DAILY FLOWER: Tomato, 01-28-21

By Karen England, the Edgehill Herb Farmer. I spent the day today writing two articles on tomatoes plus editing a third for an upcoming February publication. At sunset, I went outside to stretch my legs and saw some tomato blossoms! I also picked some tomatoes before coming back inside to finish my tomato centric workday.Continue reading “DAILY FLOWER: Tomato, 01-28-21”

Karen’s Famous Lemonade

Karen’s Famous Lemonade recipe is perfect herbal refreshment year round.

AM I THE ONLY ONE? Anyone Else Make Quarantine Escargot?

I made escargot during the quarantine! I did! Not kidding. What did you make?

Nordgreen Watch Week – The Pomegranate edition

I made an IGTV video about Nordgreen watches and pomegranates and if you wonder what on earth they have in common then follow the link in the blog to see the video!

Froofy Water (or, Infused Water, as it’s now known)

Froofy Water is essentially infused water with a better name! Easy to make, delicious to sip. Perfect for summer!

Adventures in cooking for One continues – Pizza

Back in April, approximately two months ago, I made a 1 lb. batch of pizza dough and divided it into thirds. I froze two of the thirds for later (which, as it happens, is now) and I made a myself a pizza with one of the thirds that day. This morning I harvested some babyContinue reading “Adventures in cooking for One continues – Pizza”

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