#cocktailoftheweekend Homemade Cocktail Cherries, Sugar Cubes & the Old-Fashioned Cocktail (otherwise known around here as The Abomination)o

Did you know you can make your own sugar cubes? It’s true! You can also make your own cocktail cherries. Use them to make an Old-Fashioned Cocktail – I tell you how!

#CocktailoftheWeekend & a Sandwich . . .

For this edition of the #cocktailoftheweekend I tested wedding drinks all weekend with the bride and groom and family. Drinks that I’ll be serving at their fall wedding later this year. To “go the drinks testing distance” I made myself a terrific sandwich! & I wanted you to know . . .

Cocktail of the Weekend – The ‘Lo-Fi & Rye’ Cocktail

#cocktailoftheweekend I was given a Gentian Amaro for my birthday & it is delicious. I made an easy cocktail with it & you may want to do the same.

Exciting things are happening for me

Merry Christmas! Exciting things are happening for me. I am edging (see what I did there? Edging – Edgehill) ever closer to launching my own product line of herbal bitters, liqueurs and ready to pour cocktails and the future is bright! #cocktailoftheweekend

So Excited! I’ve gotten a Job as an Influencer! & I want to do well!

It’s Wine week at Edgehill herb farm! My first promo code ever as an official “Influencer” is for wine! How’s that for a first day on the new job? The wine is delicious and the savings are wonderful. I’ll tell you all about it all this week!

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