Cocktail of the Weekend – The TimTam Slam

The TimTam Slam is this week’s installment of Edgehill Herb Farm’s #cocktailoftheweekend. Karen’s Australian nephew taught her how to drink this cocktail when she was last downunda visiting family a few years ago and this week she found the normally unavailable Aussie cookie called TimTams, an all important ingredient in the drink bearing its name, at the American store called World Market – prompting this post. Although she learned the TimTam Slam by drinking it with red wine she prefers drinking it with Port and thinks you will too! Visit her fledgling EHF YouTube channel to see her demonstrate how to drink the TimTam Slam. You’ll get a chuckle!

Cocktail of the Weekend – Whiskey Sour

I wanted to try my homemade brandied cherries. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! Ball Jars – Cute Green Color I know I could just try one of the cherries. I started them on July 10th, and I could just eat one today and then say to myself “hey, that’s great” or “hey, […]

Cocktail of the Weekend: Scotch Dram

My version of the ‘Scotch Dram’ by Phil Ward, 2008 as found in Death & Co, Modern Classic Cocktails, by David Kaplan, 2014, Ten Speed Press. The original recipe goes (with parentheses to explain what I did): 2 ounces Compass Box Asyla Scotch (note: I did not have Compass Box anything, let alone Asyla, so […]