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10 Years & a Lifetime Ago

See that power pole over my shoulder?

By Karen England, the Edgehill Herb Farmer.

Power(ful) Memories

In 2009 my hubby, a SDGE Power Lineman/Troubleshooter, was working on the power pole by our house while I was inside working in our kitchen. It was the first time he was working on a pole by me so I took his photo from our yard and then, he took my picture from atop the pole. Not everyone has this kind of nostalgia about the power pole by their home. But I do. There’s more . . . See that street light on the power pole? It recently needed a new light bulb and a SDGE Troubleman friend of David’s got the street light working again and sent me a photo from atop the pole.

I couldn’t figure out how to included this story in my 30th wedding anniversary Instagram series in 2019 and, since several folks were sad that the series ended, I decided a bonus post or two would be in order. This is one such bonus. Let’s call it Day 31 #england30in30 anniversary series . . .

I miss my husband, who passed away in 2014, terribly. The power pole that stands over my house and garden is now a sentinel reminding me of him and our life together here at Edgehill Herb Farm. And, I wanted you to know.


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