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I’ve found my Village

I’ve finally found my Village at home.

My first trip to Europe was to England in 1977 and since then I’ve traveled repeatedly to Ireland, and Norway, as well as to Europe’s southern cousin, Australia. Each of those visits left me wanting to live in a village where I could walk from my home to church on a Sunday and to a pub for a weeknight meal.


Safely being the key component. Much like I did in the Villages that I’ve visited abroad. As well, it should be noted, as I did in the little town that I grew up in until I was ten years old – Sierra Madre, CA Sierra Madre

Well, the Vista Conservancy The Vista Conservancy has been working on a walking trail along Buena Vista Creek from a park near me to a park near old downtown Vista and it is a joy to walk. Thank you Vista Conservancy for giving me and other residents walking access to Village life.

I walked downtown yesterday and met a friend for dinner in,

wait for it!

The Vista Village Pub! Vista Village Pub #truestory

My dreams of ambling around a quaint burg that is also my home a’ la Father Kavanagh in the Mitford Books Mitford Books by Jan Karon have come true.

I can’t wait ’til Sunday to walk to church! Grace Presbyterian Church

Do you walk to dinner, a show or church in the Village or Town where you live? Tell me your stories!

Have you read the Jan Karon Mitford Books? If not, I highly recommend them and if so, is where you live like the fictional Mitford? Mine is much more like it than ever before with the addition of the walking trail. What is your town like?

Wishing all a great day! – Karen


  • Mary Keating

    I absolutely adore the Mitford series! I’m actually rereading them now! In a crazy world with so much uncertainty and fear and anger, I escape to the little town of Mitford. The stories make me laugh and cry and make me feel good! It’s my favorite series of books ever! I’ll consider you to be a Mitford soul sister ❤️ Blessings to you!

    • EdgehillHerbFarm

      Yay! I understand Jan Karon is coming out with a book this fall called ‘Bathed In Prayer’ which is a compilation of Father Tim’s prayers and sermons, etc., from the whole series. I’m really looking forward to it!

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