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Cocktail of the Weekend – The TimTam Slam

I made a little video showing how to drink this edition of Edgehill Herb Farm’s #cocktailoftheweekend, the #TimTamSlam and I posted it to my fledgling EHF YouTube Channel.

My Australian nephew taught me this drink a few years back when I was last downunder visiting my family. He taught me to drink this with red wine but I prefer to drink it with port.

I found the TimTams, an Australian cookie made by Arnotts, which are not usually available in the USA at an American store called World Market.

(Since TimTams are not gluten-free, I recently served TimTam Slams to guests with celiac disease using a chocolate covered gluten-free wafer cookie made by Glutino that I got at the local health food store, and, frankly, it is just as delicious as when using the original TimTams. ‘Glutino Slams’ just don’t sound as quaint.)

In a nutshell, here’s how to enjoy a TimTam Slam:

Bite off a top and a bottom corner of a TimTam cookie.

Dip one corner into a glass of Port

Use the cookie like a straw and drink up the Port through the cookie. Once saturated, eat and enjoy the cookie and repeat with TimTams until the Port is consumed.

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