Fennel was the Inaugural Herb of the Year in 1995 . . .

In 1995, Fennel, Foeniculum vulgare, was the first herb to be named by the International Herb Association as Herb of the Year™️ in their new educational program, a program that is going strong to this day, and recognized worldwide by other Herb and Botanical groups and Societies. That said, I didn’t join the group until […]

The Appetizing Way! Make every thing you eat appetizing.

The Chinese adage “We eat with our eyes first” is very true and there is the “appetizing way” to approach your food, even snacks, even leftovers that anyone can adopt, and possibly change your life. Sound radical? It’s not. Take some care with what you eat, whether alone or with others and eat with your eyes first! Watch your mood lift, your health improve, your perspective shift. It’s amazing.

#cocktailoftheweekend Mint Julep two ways.

Have you heard? I, Karen England of Edgehill Herb Farm, have an online store! https://edgehillherbfarm.ecwid.com In honor of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend & to toast my store opening I made Mint Juleps two ways. My store only has one product. So far. So serving Mint Juleps two ways and blogging about it makes up for the lack of products 😂 Stay tuned! More products on the way! Did you have mint juleps this past weekend too? I hope so. Read on for my recipe and to learn more about my store.

Becky’s, of https://www.thevintagemixer.com/ , Savory Granola Recipe & more . . .

Recently I was in Salt Lake City, Utah on business and in my free time, during the day, I wandered around the city in the snow from tea shop, to specialty food store, to coffee house and it was magical. I had lovely, restorative foods, warming cups of tea and I found unique local cave aged cheeses to try and bring home with me. I can’t wait to go back but until then, I give you the recipes that Becky of La Barba Coffee gave me to recreate her delicious shop offerings at home. And you can as well!