The weather is perfect!

In this perfect, perfect to me anyway, Coastal Southern California “May Gray” damp weather today I fondly recall being in similar weather in Ireland, and the feeling was only heightened by a visit yesterday to a monthly Valley Center, CA antique sale held in an old historic barn . . .

Is it “foraging” if it’s my own yard?

Heard of pajama foraging? No? Well read it here first. I wander about my own yard in the morning in my pajamas gathering bits of herbs, and pieces of greens, some fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and sometimes an egg that all end up making for a very satisfying lunch. Here’s cooking from scratch, foraged for one!

GoFundMernie continues . . .

An update to my mother’s GoFundMe has been posted The bottom line of the update that you can read on her GoFundMe using the link above (or in my Instagram Stories) is that we thank God and all of you for our blessings. And her needs continue. Cheers and God bless you, Karen

Cooking from Scratch for One

The first installment in my new series of Grief-stricken posts that I’m calling ‘Cooking from Scratch for One’. Widowhood is an adventure of sorts, albeit an unwanted one, and this series is part of the adventure. I am telling my story in the hopes it might help someone else who is struggling with loss and grief. If you like what you read, please feel free to share it with others that you think might benefit from what I’ve gone through and have learned and am learning. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your comments. Cheers, Karen

Remember my tee shirt rug project?

I “finished” the hand braided rug that I was making back in 2016 out of some of my late husband’s tee shirts and I’m not sure which I’m more pleased with, the rug itself or that it’s finally finished. Big win for me either way!