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HERB OF THE YEAR: Parsley 2021 – New Book In Stock Now!

By Karen England, The Edgehill Herb Farmer.

Parsley, Herb of the Year™️ 2021
I created a delicious fresh parsley Martini and herbed olives for my contribution to the 2021 Herb of the Year™️ Parsley book. Book on sale now!

I am a member-at-large of the International Herb Association, the group that picks the Herb of the Year™️ each year, and I’m a frequent contributor to the Herb of the Year™️ books published by the IHA.

In stock now!

For 15 years I had a wonderful female cat named Parsley who loved to lay about in bowls . . .

Circa 2001, my mother and father came over to our house and we were all sitting around the table in my kitchen yakking when my mom took this photo of Parsley Kitty joining us – – – in a bowl.
Many years later, circa 2013, same kitchen (remodeled), same cat, different bowl, my mom took this photo of us as we sat around the kitchen table yakking with a bowl of Parsley (Kitty)! 😺

Last year while working on the Herb of the Year™️ recipes for the 2021 Parsley HOY book, I realized that I weighed my pounds (!) (yes, you read that correctly, pounds!) of parsley needed for the Creamed Parsley recipe (that is one of the other recipes along with the Parsley Martini) in my chapter of the newly released Parsley book in the same bowl (washed, of course!) in which my cat Parsley loved to lounge.

Same bowl, two different varieties of Parsley!

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