Froofy Water (or, Infused Water, as it’s now known)

Froofy Water is essentially infused water with a better name! Easy to make, delicious to sip. Perfect for summer!

Fennel was the Inaugural Herb of the Year in 1995 . . .

In 1995, Fennel, Foeniculum vulgare, was the first herb to be named by the International Herb Association as Herb of the Year™️ in their new educational program, a program that is going strong to this day, and recognized worldwide by other Herb and Botanical groups and Societies. That said, I didn’t join the group until […]

You heard it here first…Roses are easy to grow.

The rose is the herb of the year for 2012 and when folks find this out they invariably say one (or more) of several things to me… “…I didn’t know roses were herbs”, or “…roses are so hard to grow”, or “…I didn’t know roses were edible”, etc. All of this is proof positive that […]