Update: I gave away a Vintage Teacup from my Collection!

I’m giving away a vintage teacup from my collection & if you would like to win it all you have to do to enter is get a message to me before around, say, lunch time, (my lunchtime PST), on Sunday, March 11th, 2018 via comment, private message, tweet, or email, etc., saying, “I want to win that Vintage Noritake Teacup!”
And . . .
For the record, I’m keeping the teapot hat . . .

#teacupoftheday 2/4/18

#teacupoftheday Last December I was given a couple dozen teacups by my neighbor who knows that I drink tea everyday. The cups had been her mother’s and were destined to be given to the Salvation Army since no one in her family drinks tea or collects china. When she asked me if I would likeContinue reading “#teacupoftheday 2/4/18”

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