#teacupoftheday 2/4/18


Last December I was given a couple dozen teacups by my neighbor who knows that I drink tea everyday. The cups had been her mother’s and were destined to be given to the Salvation Army since no one in her family drinks tea or collects china. When she asked me if I would like them, I had no idea it would be so many when I said yes, but it’s been fun to incorporate them into my collection. My neighbor isn’t on social media, she texts a little bit and emails some but does nothing else modern technology-wise. I wanted to say thank you for the amazing gift so I started using a different teacup from the gift every morning to drink my tea and I took a photo of that day’s cup and emailed it to my neighbor with my thanks.


For almost a month, until I had thanked her for each and every one.

Since I had the photos, I also posted them on Instagram, and that’s how my #teacupoftheday posts started.

The crazy thing is after I posted the two dozen gift cups I then started in posting the cups I already owned.





It’s been two months now, amounting to close to 60 #teacupoftheday posts so far and I still have cups yet to show.

I’m going to count my teacups soon, because my followers have been asking me how many I have and I have no idea! Well, I take that back, I guess I do have an idea – I have more than 60 teacups . . .

Today’s #teacupoftheday is a chintz pattern called ‘Julia’, made by Royal Winton, Grimwades LTD., Made in England, 1995

The bottom stamp.

#dailyshotofwhiskeykitty Video made with Boomerang

Those air bubbles on the surface of my hot tea are known as ‘gold coins’ signifying a well made brew. Natural aeration in the water brings out the tea’s flavor whereas over-boiled water is flat, deflated of air, and produces a dull brew.

Want to guess how many cups I have? Leave a comment and when I count we’ll see who comes the closest!

Happy Sunday!


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