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#cocktailoftheweekend 2/4/18

#cocktailoftheweekend #sundaysipper

I’m all alone, and while the rest of the world watches the Super Bowl, I’m trying to catch up on work and what do I drink when left to my own devices?

Jameson 12, neat.

– I think I own the only surviving bottle of this, the best, in my humble opinion, of the whole Jameson bunch- Jameson 12 is extinct these days, I can’t find it anywhere, and believe me I’ve searched. I wish all of you better luck in trying to obtain some now that I’ve sung it’s praises and you want it. Sorry. Not sorry . . . It’s been my favorite Jameson for years, my hubby used to buy it for me and I can’t sip this whiskey without raising my glass in his memory.

“Cheers in Heaven David!”

It was a popular product, a bestseller by all accounts, probably why it’s extinct, but popular enough that I keep hoping it has gone back into production and that a new batch will arrive on our shores before my bottle is empty.

-For dessert I’m having a ‘Rosemary Rusty Nail’ made with 2 parts Lagavulin 16 to 1 part Drambuie 15 Stirred with my exuberantly blooming, just picked, rosemary swizzle sticks.

I can’t drink this tipple alone without wishing that the dynamic duo of Sean and Dom (recording artists Sean Watkins and Dominique Arciero) were here to enjoy it with me. The next best thing to having them here in person is listening to their beautiful music as I sip this “best drink ever” (as rated by all who I’ve ever served it to).

If you make this drink, and I hope you do, you can also enjoy the music of Sean Watkins and Dominique Arciero as I do by listening to this Rosemary Rusty Nail playlist I’ve made on iTunes as you sip!

Rosemary Rusty Nail Playlist Sean Watkins & Dominique Arciero



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