Remember my tee shirt rug project?

I “finished” the hand braided rug that I was making back in 2016 out of some of my late husband’s tee shirts and I’m not sure which I’m more pleased with, the rug itself or that it’s finally finished. Big win for me either way!

Part 2 – my Vintage Outfit in the Hollywood Photo Shoot

Yesterday I told the back story of one of my outfits that I wore to a Hollywood photo shoot and today I’m showing some of the photos from that day. But first things first! Big props go to Cori Dyer of The King’s Network and Emilee Dyer of Pinky Approval My coaches, and […]

Update: I gave away a Vintage Teacup from my Collection!

I’m giving away a vintage teacup from my collection & if you would like to win it all you have to do to enter is get a message to me before around, say, lunch time, (my lunchtime PST), on Sunday, March 11th, 2018 via comment, private message, tweet, or email, etc., saying, “I want to win that Vintage Noritake Teacup!”
And . . .
For the record, I’m keeping the teapot hat . . .

Nov. 30th, 2018 is the 730th consecutive #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty

Happy second #dailyshotofwhiskeykitty anniversary everyone! Here’s some of the backstory in case you missed it on the first anniversary of the #dsowk