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Hear KAREN ENGLAND on The Buildsters Podcast . . .

Listen to the whole podcast here: https://omny.fm/shows/the-buildsters/the-buildsters

Karen England does podcast interviews on behalf of the San Diego Horticultural Society and the International Herb Association from her kitchen counter these days. Using her laptop, iPhone and other a/v equipment she speaks often about herb gardening, home gardening in San Diego County, and the Herb of the Year program.
Karen was talking on a podcast recently about the 2019 Herb of the Year, Agastache, commonly known as Anise Hyssop seen here with her popular cat, Whiskey Kitty supervising. Karen is a contributor to the International Herb Association’s Herb of the Year(TM) books and has copies for sale in her online store. No extra charge for autographs!
This year, 2020, the Herb of the YearTM is Rubus spp., Blackberries, Raspberries, and more!

Shop Karen England’s Edgehill Herb Farm store here: https://edgehillherbfarm.ecwid.com/

Did you know? Blackberries are an herb! The Herb of the YearTM 2020 no less. Do you know what other Herb of the Year that Blackberries are related to? Here’s a hint: both Herb of the YearsTM are also distant relatives of Apples. Email answers to edgehillherbfarm@gmail.com

Who are The Buildsters? The Buildsters are some of the most talented, committed pros around San Diego County, helping homeowners overcome the challenges of construction and real estate.

Vista The Buildsters🎙Podcast here: Every Monday at 6am, https://bit.ly/2Wkxnli 🗣 Hosts: John Cefalu & Derek Clelan

Visit the San Diego Horticultural Society here: San Diego Horticultural Society

Visit the International Herb Association here: International Herb Association

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