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My mom’s GoFundMe update

As hard as it is for us to believe, my mom, Mernie, (Marilyn Richter according to her room door), has been in assisted living for a year now!

Where does the time go?

It’s been a year of blessings and Mom is a trouper although her health is not better, it is practically unchanged, and we are grateful that it is no worse. She has very little energy and, as a result, rests a lot. But when she’s awake, she enjoys watching tv – specifically the Hallmark channels of which there are now three! Yay! We have some friends with acting connections and we hope to see some of them in Hallmark productions soon if things go their way. No matter what happens, we send them “Break a leg” wishes along with our prayers!

She also stays current with everyone on Facebook and Karen helps her with Instagram. She is @auntiemernie on Instagram and @marilynrichter on Facebook if you want to follow and friend her.

She has lots of visitors to her room and enjoys seeing everyone. She’s as sharp as tack, her memory is terrific and her faith is strong and she is a delight to talk with in spite of the fact that she is hard of hearing (she uses closed captioning to watch tv.)

We are trusting God with our future in no small part because of how much the Lord has blessed us in the past. Sending love to everyone this Sunday along with this reminder to hug your loved ones while you can!

Her GoFundMe, what I, Karen, like to call her GoFundMernie, continues and for those who wish to contribute to her long term care here is the link: Gofundme

Thank you for your support monetarily and/or prayerfully.

And for the latest news, her retirement home has officially changed its name as of August 1st. It is no longer called Rancho Vista Retirement Community but rather is now called Pacifica Senior Living. The street address, her room number, the staff and everything else all remains the same.

Some past visitors – (& if you stop by, please, take your photo with Mernie and email it me at k-england@cox.net and I’ll post it in an upcoming update!

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