Ongoing GoFundMe(rnie) Sunday 10/01/17 Update

Your donations so far to the GoFundMe(rnie) have made this possible and we thank God for you and for his goodness in making this time of safety and comfort in my mother’s living situation a reality. Your continued donations are needed to keep this blessing possible.

The Return of the Mernie Project no. 11.2 Softly & Tenderly #themernieproject no.11.2 My mother is 80 years old now and still plays her upright Steinway, a precious gift from my late father, like a youngster. I’m trying to record her piano playing for our family and friends by doing it one-hymn-at-a-time. Hence #themernieproject. This installment is no. 11.2 because I can’t count and it should […]

The Mernie Project no. 10 – In the Garden

The Mernie Project is how I am documenting my mother, Mernie, playing her upright Steinway piano, an instrument that was a truly special gift to her from my late father  – one hymn at a time.     This installment is number ten in The Mernie Project and she is playing the hymn ‘In the Garden’.  […]

The Mernie Project no. 9

   This is my favorite installment so far in #themernieproject (disregard the title sign of this post. “Project” is, actually, spelled with a “c”. I will chastise the art department later…) In case you might not know what #themernieproject is, here it is in a nutshell- I’m video documenting my mother, Mernie, playing her piano […]