The weather is perfect!

There are those who will argue with me about today’s “May Gray” weather in Vista, CA being perfect but why? There will be plenty of hot sunshiny days to come this year and so few of these rainy, cloudy, damp days left to enjoy. The garden and the gardener both flourish with the moisture and in the perfect mild heat and hidden sun.

I become nostalgic for Great Britain, Ireland and Canada when the weather is “perfect” like this and I feel like I’ve been on vacation to my favorite places without going anywhere just because this weather transports me mentally to the places I love that enjoy weather just like this.

I did go somewhere though, not far – yesterday I took a drive to nearby Valley Center, CA and visited a once-a-month antiques and vintage sale called Brick n’ Barn (formerly called Matilda’s Mouse) and the weather was already becoming gray and moody and I could have been touring in England. While there, in Valley Center, I took a picture of an old shed, an outbuilding at Brick n’ Barn that has been cleaned up a bit by the property’s new owners so it can now be easily seen (it used to be hidden by lots of old merchandise and junk). It has a metal roof with a clover designed scalloped metal roof ridge embellishment. I felt like I was on INIS MÓR (INISHMORE) an Aran Island of the coast of Galway, Ireland.

Here are some photos from yesterday at Brick n Barn of the shed and some photos of my travels on the island of Inishmore, Ireland from 2004 & 2007 of which this kind of weather makes me remember fondly. You tell me if you see a similarity . . .