The weather is perfect!

In this perfect, perfect to me anyway, Coastal Southern California “May Gray” damp weather today I fondly recall being in similar weather in Ireland, and the feeling was only heightened by a visit yesterday to a monthly Valley Center, CA antique sale held in an old historic barn . . .

So Long, farwell…

Well, school is over & I’m all tuckered out. In the morning we start the long circuitious route toward Dublin by way of Co. Donegal (don’t ask!) and then fly home on Wednesday (I think it is Wed! I will have to check that…) I will be only using my cell phone for internet access after I […]

Blob blog

I made meringue blobs today and, Mom rightly noted that, I should tell you about it in a blob blog. I can not afford to miss a blob blogging opportunity, as they are so few and far between.   Meringue is an easy treat to make, comprised of just egg whites and sugar. Blobbing the "shaving cream […]

July 20th

"Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most"   Next, I miss my tri-focals. I didn’t lose my glasses in the lost sense, I still have them, or rather the pieces, but they broke on day 1 or 2 of this trip so they lost all usefulness and I miss them. I’ve been borrowing one of […]

July 19th

Yesterday was clearly a banner day for Mom & I, because…shhhh…don’t tell anyone…because Darina Allen invited us to her house for tea in the afternoon after class. Well, you can imagine how thrilled we were to walk two doors over from our cottage to the back door of Darina and Tim’s magnificent regency era manor house named […]

July 17th

I’ve been here 17 days & I am homesick, no question. I miss my handsome husband, my dad, my pets & my home. But, if I keep quite busy while here I can fight the homesickness. It helps to have Mom here with me too. Cooking while on holiday helps as well. Yesterday I made lamb & butterbean (lima) stew […]