Ireland 2008

So Long, farwell…

Well, school is over & I’m all tuckered out. In the morning we start the long circuitious route toward Dublin by way of Co. Donegal (don’t ask!) and then fly home on Wednesday (I think it is Wed! I will have to check that…) I will be only using my cell phone for internet access after I post this paragraph until I am safely back to my laptop at home. I will try to continue to post during the remainder of this trip if I can. I am sad to be leaving in some ways because I do love it here and if my life were different- I was younger and unmarried I would become a certificated chef by attending the 12 week course and do something with my life in food. But I am not younger (in fact this trip has aged me!) and I am married. I can not wait to get home to my Hubby and house, etc… I have soap to make and my herb garden writer life to pursue & continue, etc… Still, Ballymaloe has been grand!
Love Karen

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