It’s decided. My blog title stays. 

A debate has raged inside me for months about what to call my blog now that (I am sorry to say) I have closed my business called Edgehill Herb Farm. Shut. Poof. 15 years of work. Done. To close my business wasn’t an easy decision but it’s made and I’m happy with the decision. 

However, I now realize that I’m not closing my Edgehill Herb Farm blog as well, especially not since my niece told me she thinks I should be blogging. Nieces are very wise. So, I am taking her advice. I haven’t been blogging lately partly because what I have to say these days is no longer business related and my blog is called Edgehill Herb Farm and partly (read mostly!) because I’m lackadaisical. So the problem of what to call the blog in the aftermath of the business closure became the next brain bending problem for me to obsess over. The result of the internal discussion with myself is that I’m keeping the blog name as is. And I wanted you to know.

Here’s my thinking:

1. Since it was a “home” based business and Edgehill Herb Farm is also what I call my home,  and I hope it will be my home for many years to come – God willing! I think I can, will and should keep this blog title as is (at least for now). 

2. My home is still on Edgehill Road, that hasn’t changed. 

3. And, although it’s not a “Farm”, that’s ok, since it never ever was a farm to begin with. Just was in my mind…

4. And, to cinch it all up, my home still has a primarily herbal landscape making the name wholly appropriate.   
See? Don’t you agree? The blog name should stay. (By the way, that is a rhetorical question about if you agree.)

I can now let my mind move on and grapple with other weighty issues, like what to do with the rest of my life, etc., and consider this subject resolved. Phew. 

My readers (yes, Nancy, I mean you!) should consider themselves fortunate in this decision since my alternative new blog names were all downers. Trust me on this…

‘Berries & Cream’ climbing rose, Aug. 2015, Edgehill Herb Farm