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This week’s blog-a-thon topic is "Getting Crafty" and, since I am still enjoying last week’s "In the Garden" topic, I am going to get "Crafty in the Garden" this week! How? I made a vintage pie plate birdbath, & you can too.

1.       First buy, or rummage through your kitchen cupboards for, a vintage pie plate (or two).

2.       Buy long/tall clay pots if your potting bench has none already.

3.       Pick a spot in your garden for a birdbath, place the clay pot upside down, and set the pie plate on top of the clay pot. I have not secured the plate to the clay pot because I like to live dangerously, but you can use "liquid nails" or some such glue product to affix the pie plate permanently to the pot. I want to use the pot for other things, pie plate too, for that matter so I have not secured them.

4.       Fill pie plate with water and wait for the birds.


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