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Karen England’s Sweet Lena Iris Update & More

Well today, May 5, 2009 is a banner day for me, as many spectacular things have happened.

First, I have blogged again! That’s not spectacular to you maybe, but to me? It’s huge. I have not blogged in months. I feel terrible about this & today I have mended my wicked blog ways. Wish me luck that it lasts at least through the weekend.

Second, MaryJanesFarm magazine (Vol. 8 #4 June-July ’09) came in today’s mail containing my 2nd (yes, 2nd!) article that I have written for the publication (pgs 9-10). I am so proud I could burst. Did I mention my day’s been spectacular? Want to subscribe? I would if I were you…

Next, & possibly most impressive of all, my first ever Sweet Lena Iris blossom opened this morning. Last year I blogged in a MaryJanesFarm blog-a-thon (see original blog following) about my iris rhizomes including pictures, then went on my Merry(Janes) way. Now, a little over a year later from that blog & two years from purchase of the rhizomes, I have bloomed! I went out and stuck my rather large probascis into the iris to see if I could smell anything and gosh, it is strong and sweet. How would I describe it? Like tutti-frutti candy. Want to buy some Sweet Lena Iris for your own garden? Here’s the link;jsessionid=0a0101431f43e77b8713e4c34adfb961c9984b313395.e3eTax4KaN0Le34Pa38Ta38Pa3v0?it=A&id=568

I told you it was a spectacular day. SEE…


Blog from April 24th 2008-Week 4 of Blog-a-thon

The subject for this week’s blog-a-thon, in support of FarmGirls everywhere and specifically, is "In the Garden". So, in honor of the subject and the purpose I thought I would start a "Sweet Lena" watch. Last year I bought 3 "Sweet Lena" Iris rhizomes from MaryJanesFarm in Idaho, planted them and they have been growing nicely. Growing nearby, is my Orris Root, also known as the Florentine Iris, and it has already bloomed and I am now waiting [patiently] for the Sweet Lena’s to bloom, and it dawned on me -we can wait and watch together! Isn’t the internet wonderful? Visit to learn about buying your own "Sweet Lena Iris" (you will need to wait until they are in stock/season), plant them and start your own "Sweet Lena" watch. Until then come by here often to see the how mine are growing…

Want to read to the backstory to the Sweet Lena Iris?      


Yep, those are my Iris on day one of "Sweet Lena" watch, 04/24/08, at While we wait, we can enjoy the nearby "Scentimental" rose in bloom.

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