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It is week three of the Mary Janes Farm Blog-a-thon and I am just now getting started. Typical. I will try to write the other two catch up blogs this week before week four. Wish me luck…. "Want to meet other farm girls and to learn about the Farm Girl way of life? Please visit: "
This weeks topic is "Farm Kitchen" which is ironic because my hubby tore mine out (it is gone, baby gone!) for the next phase of our remodel (read other posts to learn about this saga) and I am using a beverage fridge and a microwave on the porch. Pathetic. Don’t feel sorry for me though because I am getting an outdoor kitchen built on the deck, as well as, a whole new kitchen inside the house. Lucky, Blessed Me!
So what do I make to eat? Well, my favorite is microwaved duck eggs. I have a duck egg source at the local feed store. I used to be able to buy duck eggs at my farmer’s market but the duck egg man retired (I hadn’t realized duck egg men had that option…) I mentioned my loss of a duck egg source one day while getting bunny, dog and cat chow at the feed store and a gal working said that she can’t get anyone to buy her duck eggs, even though they are so good and sooooooooooo good for you! Right then and there, we made a deal. I buy her some duck food when she needs it and she give me eggs. Sweet. So, now I get as many as I want. I am so happy. I have a microvave omlete dish thingy that I use it to make my scramble duck eggs flavored with herbs from my yard and i put it on whole grain tortillas or ezekial bread. Delish.

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