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Vintage Aprons Sale!

Well now, I am very happy to announce that I have gotten a "virtual terminal" and I can now take credit cards! My thanks to "Mike" at Paypal business services for getting me all setup. He’s very patient and I’m grateful. This is a big step for my little business and, besides being able to take credit cards like other grown up businesses, it means that I can now sell things not already listed on my website. So for the grand opening of my "virtual terminal" I am offering for sale on my blog three different vintage aprons that I purchased at an estate sale in Carlsbad, CA a few years back. If you want to buy one of these aprons email me with the item number, Remember it is "first come, first served" because they are "onesies", and I’ll send you an invoice via return email. You then can decide how you want to pay, check or credit card, and we’ll go from there. I’ll ship within a week of the purchase. Shipping will be USPS priority mail unless you request otherwise and California residents will be charged 7.75% tax. Ask as many questions as you need to about the items you are interested in before buying since these are not returnable items and sold as is. Thank you for shopping my vintage items on my blog! Sincerely, Karen England, co-owner, Edgehill Herb Farm
Friends, I got some really cute feedback on these aprons and this bit from my dear old high school friend was worth sharing….
"Karen: The aprons are lovely (I think you are charging too little $) but I am more of a post-modernist when it comes to cookwear." 

Edgehill Herb Farm Blog Item #A-1 – $25.00 SOLD (boy that was fast!)
This sweet calico apron fits a very small waisted woman! I think it can be easily modified to fit anyone with extenders going from the buttons on the waist to the button holes on the back panel, however I want you to know up front that it will need alteration to fit a normal 21st century woman. It is in excellent condition. The pictures show the colors and details well. It has one pocket only on the side.  
this is item #A-1 $25.00

Edgehill Herb Farm Blog Item #A-2 – $29.00
This embroidered beauty of an apron is of the old fashioned design where the sides at the waist were pinned onto clothing instead of using ties. I would add ties to the waist myself. It is in fine condition.
 this is item #A-2 $29.00

Edgehill Herb Farm Blog Item #A-3 – $21.00 SOLD!
This embroidered apron has a small hole on the front and some staining on the shoulder. The butterfly design is very lovely and the flaws are not that noticable. This is another of the "pin on" designs, like apron #A-2 and if I were to keep this apron I would add ties to the waist of this apron too!
 this is item #A-3 $21.00

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