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I got my IPod! I call it MyPod…

    Well, I have wanted to get an IPod for a while, but have not known which one would be best for me. Then after Xmas, the Super Bowl (I bet my hub for an IPod and lost…) and V-day came and went without my getting an IPod, I went out and got myself one. Had to call in help to do it though. When my best friend was here for a visit over the President’s day weekend, I took her with me to go IPod shopping. She has a Zune (I didn’t even know what that was…)and her son and hubby have IPod ‘s, so she knew a lot about these modern accessories. With her help, I decided on an IPod Shuffle. The first thing you notice about the shuffle is – it is tiny! I made a little case for it out of vintage linens and the case is tiny.
    When we got back to the farm, my friend called her son and figured out how to load the ittybitty poddy with my music. She was so nice and proceeded to load 25 of my favorite cd’s – over 200 songs – onto the minute music box for me. She also taught me how to do it, so i can change the songs later on my own.
    When I’m wearing my Shuffle, folks want to know what on earth is clipped to my overalls and, when i tell them, they say the inevitable "It’s so tiny!"
I love it. Good things do come in small packages. Can you find the IPod shuffle in the picture?

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