Update! Let the naming commence! They’ve been Named!

Update: the bunnies have been named!

Meet Flip and Flop! Thank you Patty Plummer! I’m chuffed. 😁

Original post: 

I adopted two rescued bunnies today and now I’m going to name them. My last bunny was named Dust. Long story.  I thought you might as well get to weigh in on my name ideas. I will appreciate any and all yeas and nays from everyone even though I will probably not be swayed by them. 

Since they appear to be a bonded pair I’m thinking of pairings and bonds. Since I have no idea about their gender I’m also thinking of names that could be boys or girls. Possible names so far are: (don’t judge me …)

  • Drambunny (Drambui) and Scotch 
  • Bourbunny (Bourbon) and Mint 
  • Dublin and Dingle
  • Kirby and Durant
  • Flotsam and Jetsam 
  • Pinot Noir and Petite Syrah 
  • Hop-hop & Bun-bun (for those who missed my Canary adoption tale of earlier this year. My canary is named Tweet-Tweet.) 
  • Barley and Rye
  •  …


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