The endless work of grief ~ part I

The endless work of grief ~ part I

My husband died on September 24th, 2014, it was awful.

… is awful.

And my dog died the next day. Excruciatingly sad stuff for me to absorb and process, and painful in the extreme to talk about. In my effort to honor my husband and his memory at the time of his passing I chose to ignore publicly the death of my dog. This was all I could think to do in the circumstance. I have written extensively on Facebook about my husband’s illness and death but I never addressed the other guy I lost at the same time and I have felt like a heel about it ever since. For nine months I have been in search of a way to give my dog his due without taking away from my hubby’s memory. And now, having not resolved the disservice I feel that I paid, or rather haven’t paid, to my loyal companion of 12 years by not writing about him, I am now faced again today with the death of yet another beloved pet. Now I desperately want to honor my cat’s memory, she was not only important to me but also to my husband, but I feel horrible doing so knowing I have never honored my dog. It is hard enough to be grieving, to feel horrible and sad over all the losses without the added regret I have over ignoring some of them.

This is going to change right now. I am going to blog my dog his due! Also, of course, my kitty. In the process I will have to lay bare for all who care to read my story just what this grieving process has been for me; an endless work of grief.

There is no telling how many parts this will be…


  • Mary Wright

    Karen, You are a gentle soul and have had world shattering, painful losses this last year. Don’t feel guilty about your beloved dog. It was just too much to handle at once. Whenever I want a little glow of inner happiness, I think of our late Ranger and of our many happy times from puppyhood on to over 13 years. We were blessed..
    I look forward to each post..
    thank you

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