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Dill! 2010 Herb of the Year

     My excuse for not blogging this year (this is excuse number 27) is that I have been busy helping to care for my parents (sure, that’s what they all say!) as my father recuperates from major surgery that he had on Dec. 2nd ’09. He is doing well! Thank you for asking. Now that he is starting to mend I am going to start blogging again -says here!
     While in the hospital waiting room I was able to do some work.  I sent off my contribution to the about to be published (it is at the printer now) International Herb Association ( ) Herb of the Year book for 2010 -Dill. I am hoping that this and my next few blogs will entice you to order the book from me ( ) when it arrives. I have heard from the book’s editor and compiler, Susan Belsinger ( ) that this HOY book is the biggest one yet -surprising us all!
     Even though I was able to cram a lot of my thoughts on Dill into my contribution to the upcoming book there was still much that I left out. That is what blogs are for…the extra stuff. So, without further ado -I present "the extra stuff"!
      I did not submit this sheet music cover artwork because I submitted another. Who would have thought that there was more than one piece of sheet music to choose from? Crazy.
This quote is from my favorite book -To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Dill Harris: Hey.
Jem: Hey yourself.
Dill Harris: I’m Charles Baker Harris. I can read. I can read anything you’ve got.
[swinging on the gate]
Dill Harris: Folks call me Dill.
Jem: How old are you? Four and a half?
Dill Harris: Going on seven.
Jem: Well no wonder then. Scouts bin readin’ since she was born, and she’s not even six yet. You’re mighty puny for nearly seven.
Dill Harris: I’m little but I’m old.
      I have recently gotten chickens (you can follow my chicken escapades by becoming my friend on facebook ) and they are named Rosemary, Cinnamon, Salt and Pepper. My chicken named Thyme is in L.A. awaiting a t.v. appearance before she comes to my house in March. And, why I am even telling you this, is that I am getting another chicken this week and her name is -ta-da! DILL. Photos to come.   

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